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I’m turning this post over to my readers, so they can tell you what they enjoyed about New Old World. Even though they’re mostly friends, their words were unsolicited and unscripted—just people speaking from the heart.  Sharing these reviews might help you decide to read the novel or to formulate your own thoughts about it.

The first is an anonymous review on Barnes & Noble, unknown even to me and letting me fantasize that at least one of my readers drifted in from the Internet instead of being invited:  “I loved this book! It embraces what so many of us would have loved to experience in our youth.  Ti had the courage to travel independently and fulfill so many of her lifetime goals, whether it was the Indian reservation, jumping onto a rail car or traveling Paris. Anyone who reads this book will love her audacity and bravery.  The story will leave you constantly speculating what the next part of her journey will bring.”

From iBooks:  “This book has it all—great writing, intriguing story, and Ticonderoga Fox, her name a story in itself.  She is a complex character, and I was quickly pulled into her world as she leaves her old life in Oregon and travels to England and France to find a new one.  The chance encounters along the way, the relationships explored, the country landscapes and city life described all combine into a beautifully told, compelling story.  I was totally engrossed–and totally moved, almost to tears, by its perfect, beautiful ending.”

From Smashwords: “This novel is a page-turner! Cynthia Stowell is an excellent writer with a lively, entertaining style. Because the main female character named Ti spends a good portion of the story traveling through fascinating sections of the planet, the vividly descriptive prose never allows the plot to drag. Now I want to go on a bicycle tour of lovely Guernsey Island!  It’s top-notch wordsmithing, perfectly complemented by the author’s artful photography.”

My very first review, also from Smashwords: “This is a brilliant, absorbing, and moving work of fiction. Stowell’s story of a 40-something woman struggling to come to terms with her past and her future rings true to the experiences of women I know.  The style and narrative construction are innovative, but they work—they draw you into the protagonist’s mind and soul.  When I finished, I had to sit for quite a while reflecting on my own life.  Highly recommended, especially for those willing to let fiction challenge their life choices.”

Marketing can be really soul-sapping and riddled with self-doubt.  So, words like these give me confidence and hope as I try to secure my first professional reviews. Thanks, readers!

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