An Interview with Myself

One nice feature of Smashwords is the self-interview that authors can add to their profiles.  Smashwords provides default questions, but authors can make up their own, or do a mix. I chose to use primarily my own questions, because I wanted to discuss the way my life intertwines with the novel and to explain a few stylistic decisions I made while writing. It was a fun exercise and I’ve gotten some good feedback from folks who found it enjoyable to read and instructive.

I’m going to tease you with a sampling of the questions, some of which have been partially answered in earlier posts and some of which I’ll discuss at more length in future posts.  Here are five of the ten questions in the interview:

  • What motivated you to write New Old World?
  • Why did it take you 25 years to write this novel?
  • How did you decide on your cover?
  • Why does the narration change from first to third person and include other voices?
  • Who do you think will enjoy New Old World?

Ready to read the whole interview?  You can find it at:

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