About the Novel

New Old World is a late bloomer’s coming-of-age story that unfolds on two continents. Nearing forty, Oregon photographer Ticonderoga Fox has a good job and has just published a book, but she can’t get her future in focus.

Headstrong and without the lifelong anchor of a mother, Ti has found it almost too easy to uproot herself. The first time was to move west from Boston, and this time she’s leaving behind everything familiar on both coasts to roam through England and France with no itinerary or return ticket.

Beyond the everyday tests of traveling, she grapples with her professional doubts and certain childhood conundrums, while continually meeting people who challenge her assumptions about family and solitude. But it’s a romantic entanglement in Paris that pushes her life to a crisis point. When Ti returns to the New World months later, she crafts the next part of her life from what she’s learned about herself in the Old World.

Ti’s story is told principally in her own voice, but she is aided by friends and family who introduce her and send her on her way, then observe and participate in her homecoming. A black and white photograph sets the tone of each chapter and poems at the beginning and end further enhance the story. New Old World is an interior novel but its many backdrops offer a strong sense of place as Ti wrestles with where home is.

New Old World is available as an e-book through Smashwords.com, Apple Books, or Amazon, and as a print book through this blog.  See the sidebar for your purchasing and borrowing options. (It may seem as if you have to pay via PayPal but you can get around that by persisting with the credit card or Apple Pay options.)