Modern novels aren’t usually illustrated, but because protagonist Ticonderoga Fox is a photographer, each chapter of New Old World opens with a photograph. Most are mine, some are my family’s, and a few are “found” photos. Below is a sampling of these photographs, beginning with a context shot to show how they appear at the chapter starts.


Chapter 2: Gerry

Ti was named in part for Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York.  This is an old family snapshot taken of the fort by my father.


Chapter 3: Mitch

A Kodak rangefinder like the one Mitch passed down to Ti.


Chapter 4: Lenny

The “Allow Me” sculpture in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland.


Chapter 7: Choices

Ti discovered when she went inside the Gateway Arch in St. Louis that beauty is only skin-deep.


Chapter 15: Ruin

Boules game in Rouen.


Chapter 17: Beat

The staircase of the former Beat Hotel in Paris.


Chapter 18: Offers

Shakespeare and Company bookstore in the Latin Quarter. I took this when I visited Paris in 2011, and I’m not completely sure it was there in 1988, when Ti visited.


Chapter 20: Hiatus

Pollarded trees in France. Ti hated them.


Chapter 22: Mail

Pont Alexandre III in Paris in 1988, before it was completely refurbished and gilded.


Chapter 24: Adrift

Old harbor in Honfleur, where Thom did a poor job of displaying his piloting skills.  And he snored.


Chapter 25: Anew

Gardian in Arles, en famille during a parade instead of chasing down bulls in the Camargue.


Chapter 28: Tests

Procession at Lourdes.


Chapter 34: Howard 

Un bébé.


Chapter 31: Sebastian

A detail from Le Guérison, Ti’s “grand projet” while staying with Sebastian in Orange.