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Now in the Amazon Store!

New Old World is now in the Kindle Store on Amazon. Same price as the Smashwords and iBooks versions ($4.99) but much easier for Kindle owners to purchase and download.  (It was possible to buy a Kindle-compatible version from Smashwords but awkward to get it into the library of a Kindle device.)

Check out the New Old World listing at Amazon and read my new blurb. You can “Look Inside” or, better, download a sample to your Kindle or Kindle App, where the formatting will be more true-to-life.

On Amazon, you can also take a look at my Author’s Pages, where you’ll find my other book listed.  Faces of a Reservation is a photographic and written portrait of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, published by the Oregon Historical Society in 1987.  Even though it’s out of print, Faces is almost always available on Amazon as a used hardcover or paperback.  You can also see the photographs from the book at my new website,

I may write a blog entry about my experience with the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) process.  It was a mixed bag—the initial formatting and uploading easy but nailing down the details not so easy.  In the meantime, let me know what Amazon is like from the customer’s point of view!  And enjoy the book.

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