New Old World in Your Hands

A happy new addition to my blog is the Buy Now button you can see to the right. New Old World can now be purchased using either PayPal or most credit cards! The price is $25, which includes shipping.

It’s gratifying to finally be able to offer my novel as a physical object, not just as digital content. And I admit it’s kind of fun to be a shopkeeper, too!  The supply is somewhat limited at this point, but I plan to do a second run soon so your order can be filled in a timely way. (The new edition may have a sturdier cover but will otherwise be the same, and I will announce its arrival.)

For those who enjoy a good digital read, the e-book will continue to be available from various vendors (see sidebar “Where to Buy/Borrow”). The glow of your tablet’s screen or the feel of paper in your hands—it’s now your choice!

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