More Books in Stock

I have a tableful of freshly printed books ready for ordering! This run of New Old World includes a more scuff-resistant cover as well as an ISBN and barcode so it can be sold in retail locations.

The first run of 25 books went fast, with fifteen sold and ten given away. The holidays helped, but in this quiet season I’ll have more time to follow up on marketing opportunities, like readings and book fairs. I’m also hoping to find a professional reviewer to get a little buzz going. Stay tuned!

The holidays are a challenging time for reading, much less lugging around a big, heavy book, so I haven’t received a lot of feedback yet. But you can have a look at the back cover of the print edition to get an idea of what a few “early adopters” of the e-book thought. Just click on the image to enlarge it…then slide on over to the “Buy Button”!

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