Welcome to New Old World

As the author of the novel New Old World, I’m eager to connect with my readers via this blog.  While I’ll keep you updated on any news or thoughts I have about the novel, I think of this as your blog more than mine.  It’s the place where you can tell me about your reading experience.  Or learn a little backstory.

Those of you who are writers know how solitary writing can be, and after years in my own echo chamber it is both exciting and a little frightening to think that other people will be reading and reacting to my words at last.  Of course I’m hoping that my story has resonated with you and that’s why you’ve come here — but I welcome all thoughtful comments and will try to respond to each one in a timely way.

It goes way beyond whether you liked or didn’t like the novel.  Once you’ve read New Old World, you’re as much of an authority on it as I am.  Maybe you’ve seen themes or patterns that I didn’t know were there.  Maybe something confused you or annoyed you or started you wondering…and you’re seeking more background or explication.  Maybe you’d like to write about your own similar experiences and share them with others.  Or maybe you want to talk more globally about literature and the writing and publishing process.  I imagine a dialogue with my readers that challenges us all to think a little more deeply about not just this novel but all novels.

For my part, I will try to stimulate discussion with new ideas, questions, and prompts.  Writing is my preferred way of communicating, and since I don’t plan to do readings or signings or lectures, this is my forum.  And I hope you’ll join in.

Cynthia D. Stowell